Altima Kitchens
and Closets

Our passion lies in creating and setting up tailor-made Renovation Solutions.

Our renovation company strives to offer you the most suitable solution for your requirements. For this reason, all members of our team are committed to fulfilling your specific requests. From day one, our organization has been guided by a principle that emphasizes delivering an exceptional experience to our clients.

We hold the view that each furniture item we produce is distinct, just like its owner. We achieve this by attentively listening to your preferences and engaging you throughout the design phase.

Due to our dedication towards customer satisfaction and prioritizing excellence, numerous clients recommend us to their loved ones even as they continue utilizing our services for various projects. Furthermore, we do not intend on halting our progress in developing and enhancing our range of products and services, unlike other companies who strive to replicate the original.

Today, our expertise in customized design solutions has established us as a prominent industry leader.

Kitchen Renovation in Oakville

If you’re looking to spruce up your home in Oakville, look no further than Oakville Closets. Our services include renovations, remodelling, cabinets, and more! Whether you want a complete overhaul or just some upgrades in the kitchen or with your countertops, we are thrilled to assist you in creating the perfect living space that meets all your desires and requirements – regardless of what kind of budget you have. At Oakville Closets, our main goal is to help turn your house into a dream home that reflects both style and functionality.

Allow Oakville Closets to Transform Your Ideal Kitchen

Whether you’re upgrading, constructing, or renovating your kitchen, it’s a worthwhile investment that pays off in the long run. A modern and well-designed kitchen increases the resale value of your home significantly. Being the heart of any household where meals are cooked and shared with family members and guests alike, an outdated or poorly designed kitchen can be quite inconvenient. At Oakville Closets, we understand this dilemma very well. We collaborate closely with our clients to construct their dream kitchens that not only meet but exceed their expectations while staying within budget constraints.

If you need designing a brand-new kitchen or upgrading your current one to better meet your requirements, Oakville Closets has an array of options for you to explore. We collaborate with you closely to guarantee that your future and present needs will be fulfilled by the newly renovated kitchen. When it comes to Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Oakville, we’re confident that we are the perfect match for you.

Numerous aspects should be taken into account to calculate the expenses of a kitchen makeover. These include the dimensions of your cooking area, the caliber of items such as cupboards and appliances, electrical and plumbing facilities available, storage solutions offered as well as labour charges. It’s essential that your revamped kitchen is practical yet visually appealing while meeting all your requirements for convenience. We at Oakville Closets can assist you in devising an optimal arrangement which maximizes space utilization while minimizing costs to achieve this goal.

Kitchen Remodels are Built to Amaze and Last

To fulfill your unique kitchen requirements, it is crucial to get in touch with a reliable company that specializes in renovating kitchens. A team that actively listens to your concerns and offers appropriate solutions within the existing space would be ideal. Do you wish for an outdoor kitchen or an effective organization system? Or do you intend to upgrade appliances and fixtures? Irrespective of how grandiose or modest your expectations are, Oakville Closets can turn them into reality. Our primary focus lies on delivering exquisite craftsmanship along with outstanding designs so that our clients relish their bespoke spaces for years together.

Cabinets, Countertops, and Much More

A Kitchen Remodelling Contractor that You can Trust

Undertaking a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming, as it’s difficult to determine where to begin. A viable solution is concentrating on upgrading the countertops and cabinets, which will instantly revamp your kitchen’s appearance. Swapping out obsolete cupboards has the potential to entirely transform your cooking space while new counters offer an immaculate area for food preparation.

At Oakville Closets, our expert team specialized in kitchen renovation can assist you with the installation of fresh cabinets and countertops for your updated kitchen. If you are contemplating a remodel, we offer an exclusive procedure to help guide you through every step.

Our SMART Process

We, as a company specializing in kitchen renovations and kitchen remodelling in Oakville, implement an exclusive approach that guarantees optimal and practical designs for your kitchen remodelling.

1. Consultation

To commence your renovation journey, reach out to Oakville Closets. Our team will arrange a meeting with you at your residence where we can delve into the details of your envisioned transformation. This conversation serves as the foundation for our professional relationship with you and allows us to ask targeted questions about project specifications that guarantee tailored kitchen remodelling solutions suited exclusively for you. Next, we’ll visit your space in person, take measurements, establish a budget and gain deeper insight into what kind of changes would bring your dream renovation vision to life.

2. Design and Quotation

To achieve a successful remodelling project, it is crucial to tackle the existing issues in the space and incorporate desired elements while maintaining budgetary constraints. Our team will not only introduce novel features and enhancements but also suggest their addition during the design stage. We aim to collaborate with you on identifying objectives and establishing an affordable budget for your convenience.

3. Execution & Installation

Employing advanced construction materials and methods, our building crew collaborates closely with expert artisans to fashion your tailored renovation endeavor using top-quality supplies, methodologies, and hues that will seamlessly complement your current abode. Our customers can revel in their remodeling undertakings for an extended duration.

You no longer need to search for Kitchen cabinet Manufacturers in Oakville, Kitchen Makers in Oakville, or even a comparison for kitchen renovations cost in Oakville. You need to contact Oakville Closets to have all your questions answered.

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Custom Closets
is our Mastery– Closets Company in Oakville

We provide tailored designs for closets that suit all financial plans, preferences, and dimensions.

Our team of experts at a leading custom closets company in Oakville acknowledges that each client has distinct requirements, which we understand better than anyone. We believe that collaboration between you and our designers is essential to develop customized solutions that are innovative, effectively arranged, and cater to your aesthetic choices.

When it comes to designing a closet system, collaboration with your designer is crucial. The goal is to create a storage solution that meets your unique needs and complements the overall look of your home. Through this joint effort, we’ll work on tailoring the design to fit how you live and organizing all of the items you want to store in an efficient way. Once completed, your new closet will blend seamlessly with the rest of your space aesthetically.

If you’re planning to remodel an existing closet, creating a new one from scratch or simply reorganizing your current space, we have the expertise to make it functional, stylish and well-ordered. With our various designs, we can transform your closet into a harmonious and efficient haven. We are confident that as a closets company in Oakville, we will be your preferred choice.

Our 4-Steps Process


1. Discovery

To ensure a personalized storage option, we collaborate with a designer – whether virtually or in-person. The designer will assess your preferences and requirements by measuring the space available and evaluating your inventory before customizing a design to meet your needs.

2. Design

Our plans are created by utilizing our 3D design software, as well as Idea Books and samples we currently possess. These plans encompass the layout of the area and how items will be organized based on accessible information. By delving into our wide range of materials and finishes, alongside incorporating add-ons, accessories, and specialized objects together; a one-of-a-kind closet can be produced.

3. Execute

Once you have approved your design, our craftsmen go to work. We fabricate each component based on the precise specifications of your designs because “custom” means individual, cut-to-order construction.

4. Install

To turn your ideal closet into a tangible reality, anticipate receiving friendly and courteous service from professionals who work promptly and pay meticulous attention to detail. They will also thoroughly disinfect and clean up after their work is completed while wearing masks, gloves, and using disinfectant wipes.

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